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The power of Univé

With 10 Regional Univé’s (RU’s) and around 120 stores, Univé is a strong regional cooperative with an excellent customer satisfaction. At the beginning of 2016, Univé sharpens its strategy. With this strategy, Univé emphasises what makes the cooperative so strong and translates this strength to the future.

Together with PROOF, Univé brings the sharpened strategy to life among its employees.

Change in mindset
Univé wants to offer its customers assurance. Instead of only offering insurances, Univé wants to prevent risks and reduce the consequences of accidents or inconveniences. A change in mindset is needed to become even more customer centric and to think of risk prevention first. To make this step to ‘the cooperative of the future’ together, PROOF develops the concept the power of Univé. Together with Communication and HR, we give the concept meaning step-by-step. The concept is flexible and built up modular, so that the content can be adjusted according to each Regional Univé’s preferences.

Searching for the power
The wall newspaper – that appears every six weeks – keeps employees updated about the progress of the transition within Univé. The wall newspaper combines national and regional news. The information is short and sweet. Inspiration comes from ‘sterke staaltjes’: great examples from employees that deliver proof for the power of Univé. An ambassadors’ programme is created and the search for ‘powerhouses’ begins. Employees who, in whatever way, are excited to find ‘sterke staaltjes’ or contribute with their own examples. CEO Joost Heideman gives the right example, acting as a very active powerhouse. Every other week, he visits a different Univé store where he talks to colleagues about their ‘sterke staaltje’. He captures these moments in his vlog. The vlogs of Joost Heideman and the other powerhouses are posted to the intranet, under the title:searching for the power.

Welcome to Univé
With PROOF’s help, the HR department develops an onboarding programma to align new employees with the strategy the power of Univé, as fast as possible. In line with the strategy, the programme is named the power training. The manager (trainer) and a colleague (training buddy) help introduce the new employee to Univé: from before their first day at Univé until their 100thday. During the introduction day, new employees have the chance to speak to a member of the Board of Directors and a RU-board member about Univé’s strategy. Their knowledge about Univé and its strategy is tested during a quiz and in an interactive session they work on Univé’s customer satisfaction.

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