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Book: Internal Branding 2.0

Internal branding is in, and marketers in particular have embraced this new-found sport. They are eager for employees to absorb their brands and associated brand values. After all, it’s your employees who have to fulfil the promises brands make to the outside world. This is referred to as selling the brand inside, or Internal branding 1.0.

Branding inside out

The authors of Internal branding 2.0 believe that companies need to work on a more fundamental level if they want to truly involve employees and build sustainable reputations and relationships with customers. The current crisis supports this belief: companies that stand for something will rise from the dust stronger than before because their employees and customers genuinely feel connected. The real issue is thinking from the inside out: identify the core, the real values of the company, values that the employees support. Make the core the basis for the choices that you make and the promises that you make to your customers: branding inside out. This is not rocket science: any company that wishes to open itself to the outside world can do just that. However, it does require cooperation between different fields of work and it also requires the complete support of management at all levels (through thick and thin and in the long term).

This book offers support: the authors share the extensive experience they have built up in various organisations, with helpful tips and clear frameworks. The book was written for communication, marketing and HR managers, but also addresses the responsibilities of management and other decision makers.

About the authors


Before establishing Proof Reputation in 2001, Luc van Beers was a managing partner at FHV/BBDO. He has a background in journalism and broad experience in international communication and change management, boardroom consultancy and complex communication programmes. Luc has developed Internal branding concepts for ING, Delta Lloyd, Interpolis, Achmea, Heineken, Nationale-Nederlanden and Ymere, among others. Luc received the Communication Man of the Year Award in 2009. During the FEIEA-congress in October 2010, he also received a Diploma of Honour for his work in the field of communication.

Gaby Nedeski is an independent consultant and interim manager (Nedeski&). She currently works as Interim Communications professional. She has successfully applied internal branding in major change projects at various large companies, including Interpolis and Achmea. Gaby introduced the now well-known OPEN concept, one of the first examples of internal branding inside out, at Interpolis. Gaby is an experienced internal branding, reputation management and change communication manager and consultant. The authors have worked together on numerous internal branding projects and are much sought after speakers and guest lecturers on the topic.

The authors have worked together on numerous internal branding projects and are much sought after speakers and guest lecturers on the topic.



Internal branding 2.0 is available in English and Dutch, price €32, and can be ordered via the website of our publisher Kluwer and via the following web shops: and

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