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Book: Breaking Corporate Silence

In most organisations people communicate a lot, but very little is said. Employees and managers keep quiet about issues that are essential to an organisation’s success. Why is this and what are the consequences? And most of all, how do you break this ‘corporate silence’?

How do you stimulate people to speak up and so stimulate the critical capabilities and innovation that are needed to take an organisation further? This book answers these questions and more. It describes how managers and communication professionals can break the silence in their organisation.

In 2012 Mark Blok won the Shell Stimulation Award for Excellence in Corporate Communication for his research on corporate silence. In this book he shares his knowledge and insights in an easy to read style that draws on examples, interesting cases and interviews with prominent figures in Dutch industry. He also provides managers and communication professionals with practical instruments and a concrete step by step plan to get to work and break corporate silence.

The Author


Following a degree in financial economics, Mark Blok began his career with ING Bank before taking the plunge into the world of communications three years later. Mark was responsible for internal communications during the ING/Postbank merger and for internal communications during the credit crisis and the cash injection that ING Bank received from the Dutch government. These were hectic years for ING Bank and gave Mark the opportunity to experience nearly every facet of internal communications first-hand. Once the merger was completed, Mark introduced a new internal branding concept to give ING Bank’s newly honed strategy a specific internal form and direction. He also acted as an advisor to various ING Netherlands board members. His research on Corporate silence won the Shell Award for Excellence in Corporate Communication 2012.



Interested in the complete background on corporate silence? The research that formed the basis of the book, including an extended literature review, is available in English. Interested? Let us know.

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